A Gift that Matters

A Story worth Telling


From its inception, PrairieStar Health Center, a non profit organization, has been focused on meeting the health and wellness needs of our community. The need for our healthcare services has grown steadily for over 20+ years. We provide over 32,000 appointments annually.

PrairieStar made a substantial financial commitment in order to serve the growing need. Every month we accept new patients, young and old, insured and uninsured, looking for quality healthcare. Our compassionate, caring providers and staff work tirelessly to serve the needs of our patients. We strive to acquire state-of-the-art equipment to give them the tools to efficiently and effectively handle their care.

Children and adults will continue to fall victim to circumstances beyond their control. We must look to the future and be financially prepared to meet the growing need to provide healthcare to thousands in our community, who have nowhere else to turn. It is not fiscally responsible to assume that the grants we receive will continue throughout the decades. PrairieStar’s goal is to create a foundation that will serve health and wellness needs of our community far into the future.

Make a Difference

PrairieStar provides for the less fortunate in our community, and a large part of the services we offer are made possible through grants.


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